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Pioneers in the development of civil and commercial aviation  in Chilean Patagonia

Aeronave Aerocord
Claudio Fischer Marchant

Leaders since 1966

Under the name of AEROCOR, this airline was founded in 1966 by Mr. Claudio Fischer Marchant, an experienced pilot who from a very young age had a great passion for civil aviation. Pioneer in the development of  aviation  in Chilean Patagonia and always committed to the development of this remote region in the south of the world.

Over time, new tracks were developed to allow air connectivity between different cities, which at that time could only be accessed by sea, always being a fundamental axis for the progress and well-being of the inhabitants of Patagonia.

Historia Aerocord

AEROCOR is currently based in La Paloma aerodrome, Puerto Montt. It currently has a mixed fleet of Aircraft and Helicopters, with a fleet renewal plan that aims to modernize aviation in this southern part of the country, with the inclusion of LET and Caravan Aircraft.

Our efforts are focused on delivering the best service in passenger transport, private flights and cargo transport to all areas of Chile, mainly in the southern part of our country.

We also specialize in transporting live fish by plane and helicopter to the main salmon clients in the southern part of our country.

Today our main operations are scheduled flights to the south and Chilean Patagonia, as well as charter flights to any destination in Chile.

We are a team of professionals with a high level of specialization, flight hours and experience to deliver the best passenger transport service, private flights and cargo transport to all areas of Chile and develop air connectivity, mainly in the X and XI region of the country.

Our team

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